Free Online Class For Acupuncturists (Worth 3 CEU's)
Free Online Class For Acupuncturists
(Worth 3 CEU's)
Dr. Jeremy B. Steiner, MD, PhD, DAOM Presents
"Modern Qi In Medicine"
Learn How Acupuncturists Are Using “Modern Qi” To Reverse Rampant Disease & Usher In A New Future of Medicine
"Dr. Jeremy's training is the future of acupuncture, in fact it's the future of medicine" - Jonathon Holasek- Acupuncturist, New Jersey
Who Is Dr. Steiner?
  • Education -  Doctor of Medicine (MD), PhD in Biomedicine, and Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (DAOM)
  • Successful Practitioner - Given More Than 100K Treatments
  • Featured Expert - Cover of Health Wellness & Fitness Magazine, Lhasa 2019 Catalogue
  • Sought After Trainer - Known As The #1 Trainer In Bioelectric Medicine Having Taught 3000+ Students
This Free Class Is Available For A Limited Time And Is NCCAOM Approved For 3 CEU's 
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